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Call or email us to discuss how we can customize our trainings for your particular needs. Do you have a classroom that is having difficulty bonding? A Student Council that needs help honing its leadership skills? Are there students who aren’t being heard for whom constructive skill building would be of use? We would be happy to create programming to address your particular needs. And, unlike out-of-town organizations, we are able to provide follow-up and fine tuning without exorbitant travel or consulting fees!
Contact us, today!

Lexington United has been working to develop youth since its inception

Our in-depth training helps youth discover their leadership abilities by teaching them
about group dynamics, conflict reduction, prejudice reduction, and building community.
We offer a number of different opportunities for youth to get involved
– we host several camps throughout the year,
and offer programming to local schools and community centers. 

Confidence in Conflict (part 1)

  • Approach Conflict from Strength
    – use values and needs assessment tools to focus on what matters most to you
    -recognize your anger triggers
    -learn to take the long view and see a broader perspective
  • De-escalate Conflict Situations
    -recognize when your best thinking isn’t available to you
    -learn how to be present in difficult situations
    -know when to pause and how to get the time you need to respond well
  • Be Your Own Best Advocate
    -learn and master the Respectful Request
    -negotiate by returning to your needs assessment
    -apologize like a pro: learn how to start over without grovelling


Confidence in Conflict, Part 2 (2 hour follow-up Module)

  • Identify your conflict style: dig deeper into places you feel stuck
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses of your patterned responses
  • Boost your observational superpowers and the magic of neutral language
  • Master Positive Listening Skills: practice deep listening deeply using reflective techniques that drill down past static
  • Practice the power of Transforming Questions

Let the Good Times Roll: a Family Communication Workshop

4 hour Module
Focused on Family Patterns

  • For ages 5 to 95, bring your family to a day of high-energy activities
  • Everybody learns skills and practices new ways to ask for what they need
  • Listening components we use elsewhere get a turbo-charged boost for families
  • Apologies for super-heroes: when you need a second chance, here’s how to ask
  • Cooperative games that bring your family closer together!