Lexington Wins! Community Game Night

Do you ♥ Lexington?
Come show your community spirit at the April 4th Lexington Wins! Community Game Night!
Everybody wins, no one is left out, and laughter abounds at this free & joyful event.
Celebrate your friends. Celebrate your neighbors. Celebrate Lexington!

Community Coin Challenge

CoinChallengeSupport your community through the Community Coin Challenge! Prizes will be awarded to the community group, faith group, school group, or individual that brings the most ¢ in coin donations! Please note: donations, are just one way to show your community spirit! We appreciate ALL forms of participation! Donations will be used to engage our community in skill-building programs which bridge differences and nurture authentic relationships.
Contact us to issue a challenge
to an individual or organization!


Support Our Work

Lexington United depends on the generosity of our community to support our important work. At present we are raising funds to further our training and to buy supplies for community game nights. Advanced training gives us in-depth hands-on, practical skills for building cultural competency, welcoming diversity, increasing unity and inclusion. One time donations, or smaller sustaining contributions are equally important. Although we are pursuing several grants, it is the support of our community that we can count on day in, and day out. Join us as we work together to bring Lexington closer together! Our approach to community building includes conflict resolution, prejudice reduction, and non-competitive games using an experiential model.

Donations will be processed through Central Kentucky Council for Peace and Justice.
Once you have made your donation, please email us to let us know! Thank you!

Our Workshops

Conflict Resolution
We use games and hands-on experience to explore the building blocks of conflict resolution: affirmation, cooperation and communication.
Prejudice Reduction
Greater awareness, role plays, and hands-on activities encourage the establishment of new relationships based on positive attention and mutual respect.
Cooperative Games
Co-operative games use play to introduce the building blocks of conflict resolution: affirmation, cooperation and communication.